Facebook Timeline Infographic

Facebook Timeline Gif Infographic

At Nightlife Insight we believe Facebook is very important in planning a night out with friends. So we thought we would create a gif infographic. This gif shows how well facebook has performed in it’s 12 year history. It shows the increase in users, revenue and employees.

12 years ago a social network site changed how we socialized with our friends and family. This social network site was called Facebook. Millions of people use this every day. We post statuses, pictures, videos and more. We can chat to our friends and plan events with them. Facebook has helped plan many days out and nights out.

In 2004 the social network site was called The Facebook and the website was www.thefacebook.com. This was changed to Facebook in 2005. Since then it has had many highlights. Some of the main highlights are going IPO in 2012, buying Instagram for $1 billion in the same year and buying WhatsApp for $22 billion in 2014.

Another highlight was having a Hollywood film created called The Social Network. The film was praised by many film critics and was nominated for 8 Academy Awards and won 3. They were nominated for:

  • Best Adapted Screenplay WON
  • Best Original Score WON
  • Best Film Editing WON
  • Best Sound Mixing
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Picture
  • Best Director
  • Best Actor