Girls Holiday Destinations

Check out the many girl holiday destinations and find out what the nightlife is all about

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Girls Holiday Destinations

Going away with the girls is always going to be fun. You can do a whole week or a weekend.

When planning the holiday you have to pick which destination you and your friends would like to visit.

There are many fantastic destinations to choose from. You can choose places with a 24/7 party scene or places with great culture and nightlife or both!

If you want to choose a location where you can party until the early hours of the morning then you are spoilt for choice. Places include Zante, Kavos, Ibiza and Ayia Napa.

These destinations are all about partying, so if all your group of girls like that sort of thing then pack your suitcase and book your flights. At these places there are plenty of parties such as foam, UV paint and even boat parties. With these locations there isn't much culture to experience.

If you are after some culture along with great nightlife then there are destinations for that too. For this, why not visit Prague, Budapest and Rome.

These types of places aren't 24/7 party locations like Zante or Ibiza, however there still is a decent nightlife to experience. There are great nightclubs, cocktail bars and rooftop bars in all these locations.

When you are on a girls holiday you may want to pick a destination which has something to do during the day. Amsterdam is a perfect location. One activity to do in this fantastic city is to hire bicycles. This city is flat so cycling around isn't going to be too difficult for your legs. When you are on the bike it is easy to visit the landmarks here. Points of interests that you will see whilst riding your bike include the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House.