Hen Party Destinations

Find the best hen party destinations and have a look at what their nightlife is all about

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Hen Do Party Destinations

Before the big wedding day there is the hen do. When planning this party you want to find the perfect destination to have fun with the bride to be. You can choose destinations in the UK or abroad. If you're budget is tight then a UK location would be advised. There are many available. You can choose from big or small places around the UK. Small places include Brighton and Nottingham.You may want to go to a larger place such as London or Liverpool.

If the bride to be is after some sun then she might want to go to one of the many places that offer sea and sun. Destinations which have great beaches and hot temperatures include Marbella and Benidorm.

You may not want to go to a beach location. If this is the case then you can visit one of the many cities across Europe. Some fantastic recommendations are Amsterdam and Dublin.

Why have a Hen do?

Hen parties are an extremely popular thing to do. If you have ever been on a hen do then you know that they are very enjoyable. You will have your friends and family around you with plenty of laughs - what more do you want? On a hen party it is the norm to dress up in fancy dress. There are many ideas for fancy dress, a couple of ideas include Air hostess or the pink ladies.

Whilst on the hen party you could do an activity. There are loads of different activities to do. It depends where you are going but popular things to do include cocktail classes.

Whatever you do on your hen party you will have a great time and you will create fond memories with your friends and family.