Lads Holiday Destinations

Have a look at all the lads holiday destinations and see what their nightlife is like

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Lads Holiday Destinations

The lads holiday has been a term for many years now. When the summer months are here, thousands of lads will head to a sunny destination and party night and day. If you haven't been to one of these holidays, then you need to pack your bags, jump on a plane and get on a lads holiday. There are however many places to choose from, so it can be hard to actually decide on the location. The majority of lads holiday destinations available have a similar layout.

Most of them have all the bars and clubs on one main road. This is called the strip and is packed with bars and clubs with cheap drink deals on beers, cocktails, fish bowls and more. As you are walking down the party strip you will find that most bars will have someone outside trying to get you into their bar. These people can give you great drink deals.


If you are going on a lads holiday then you have to decide on a destination that suits everyone. Most of the destinations are cheap to go to. Flights and hotel accommodation are fairly low cost in places like Ayia Napa, Kavos, Zante and Magaluf. There is one location which is rather expensive and that place is Ibiza. The Spanish island is well known for being the party capital of Europe. It may well be the party capital of the world! Ibiza is expensive when you are paying to get into the clubs. The nightclubs here have the very best DJs so it's no wonder the club entry prices are quite high.

When you go on a lads holiday you have to go on a boat party. This is not an option - you are going on a boat party! They are a must to experience as everyone is partying and having the time of their life.