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Nightlife in Lisbon

The Portuguese capital has a nightlife that you should definitely experience. There are a lot of bars in Lisbon and we mean a lot! Many believe there are over 200 bars in this great city.

In the last couple of years, the reputation of Lisbon's nightlife has grown and many groups including stag dos and hen parties, head here to enjoy a great night out. The locals love to be out too. They have long dinners and stay out until the very early hours of the morning.

Throughout the week you find people out at wine bars, jazz bars, rooftop bars, restaurants, discos, theatres and nightclubs. The busiest times of the week though are Fridays and the weekends. The bars here close at around 3-4am and nightclubs are open until 6am.

Nightlife Areas

There are a few nightlife areas in Lisbon, they are Bairro Alto, Santos (Docas) and Cais do Sodré.

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is the main place to be. Most people start their evening here because it's full of bars and is a very lively area. The narrow streets will be packed with people drinking and enjoying the atmosphere. It's the perfect place for bar hopping.

Drink prices are quite cheap and what's great is that you can drink on the streets. In Barrio Alto you can really experience the Portuguese culture by listening to the Portuguese music genre, Fado. You can listen to this music in the many Fado houses in Barrio Alto.

Santos (Docas)

To find the great nightclubs in Lisbon, then you need to head to the dockland area of Santos. In Santos you will find massive warehouses which have be turned into bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Many people visit this area after the bars in Bairro Alto are closed, at around 2am.

Cais do Sodré

If you are after more nightclubs then the area of Cais do Sodré is the place you should visit. This is close to Bairro Alto and near the river. In this area you will find trendy clubs that you can dance in all night long.

Other nightlife areas include Alcantara, Parque das Naçoes, Alfama, Expo Park and Erasmus Corner.


The nightclub scene is growing. More and more clubs are opening all the time. If you are heading to a nightclub it is ideal to arrive between 2am and 4am.

If you arrive before 2am you are likely to enter an empty nightclub as no nobody here goes to clubs before 2am. Entry to these clubs are around 10-20 Euros.

The dress code in these places are a little bit strict. Men should wear shirts, trousers and shoes whilst ladies should wear dresses and high heels.

One of the nightclubs that is well-known is Lux. This is because it is co-owned by Hollywood actor, John Malkovich. Many people say that Lux is the most stylish club in Lisbon.

This club however has a strict door policy. Many people, particularly tourist don't get in, so it may be worth going somewhere else. If you are wanting to go to Lux then you might want to go any days but Friday or Saturday.

Another nightclub to check out is Ministerium. This club only opens on a Saturday and is the place to be. The building was used by the Ministry of Finance but now it hosts international DJs. You can definitely party all night here.

Incógnito is a club/bar and is an interesting place to say the least. To enter the club you have to ring the doorbell and you will be let in. Once you are inside you will experience one of the oldest clubs in Lisbon. The nightclub has 3 floors. If you want to party and dance all night go to the basement.

One club which have been part of the nightlife in Lisbon for over 20 years is Main which is also known as Kapital. Many young people come here at the weekend to party. The club also has a restaurant.

Other nightclubs include Lust, Plateau, Op Art Cafe, Music Box, Dock’s Club, Arena lounge (has a revolving dance floor) and Kings & Queens.

Bars and Cocktail Bars

With over 200 bars, Lisbon has many great bars to visit. One that many tourist go to is probably one of the smallest bars here. A Ginjinha is a hole in the wall rather than a bar! There can only be 3 people in the bar at one time. The reason why this bar is so popular is because it offers a Portuguese liquor called Ginja. This is served as a shot and with a cherry and is made from sour cherries that are fermented into a brandy that is sweet and sticky. This place is a must!

Cinco Lounge are well respected for their cocktails. It's a cool place to hang out and enjoy the expectedly service from the staff. This place is an expensive place to visit but you will definitely have a great experience here. If you are looking the best cocktails in town you have found it.

There are plenty of other bars to visit. They include: Red Frog, Maria Caxuxa, Pavilhão Chinês, Pensao Amor, Bar A Pardia, A Tasca do Chico, Urban Beach and Groove bar.

Jazz Clubs and Bars

If you are a fan of jazz then you are going to love the bars and clubs here. One place that is definitely a must for jazz fans is Hot Club. This club is one of the oldest jazz clubs in the world. It's been around for over 60 years. Famous names like Quincy Jones and Dexter Gordon have visited this iconic club. Other places to experience jazz music are Matiz Pombalina and P`aginas Tantas.

Wine Bars

To experience the wine bars in Lisbon, head over to Wine Bar Do Castelo and Wine Lover. These two bars offer a wide range of wines to try. Both of these places provide accompanied food to enjoy with your glass of wine.

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