Planning for a house party

Planning for a House Party

Having a house party is a great way to invite the neighbours over and socialise with them; especially if you have just moved into the property. If you have just moved into a property it's a good idea to have a house party as you can invite your friends and family to show them around your new place. Here at Nightlife Insight we have created a guide about planning for a house party.

Pick a Date

After you have decided to have a house party, you want to pick a date. The recommended date is a Saturday. Most people don’t work Saturday. This will make them less tired and ready for your party. Plus most people don’t work Sunday so they can rest their hangover!

Decide on a theme

This is optional but it is recommended. Having a

theme makes it more interesting when guests turn up as you don't know what they are going to wear. Also, you can dress the house up to the theme. Theme ideas include Alice in Wonderland, Hippie party, cops & robbers and a pirate party.

Building a guest list

Once you have decided on a date and theme you will need to build a guest list. First, you should judge how many people you can actually fit in your house. Most people will be in the kitchen, living room, dining room and garden so visualize how many people can fit in these areas. Once this is done write down the people you are inviting.

Sending out the guest list

Most of the people you have put on your guest list will be on Facebook so you should set up a Facebook event. Setting up an event on Facebook is the easiest way of communicating your house party. You can explain all about the party and invite your friends and family. Also, people can respond quickly and easily.

Inform the neighbors

5-7 days before the party notify the neighbours that you are having a party. You could even invite them. If you aren't then it's best to go around and say you are having a party. If the party does get really loud they are more likely to go to you and say the party is too loud rather than call the police.


It's always a good idea to stock beers and bottles of wine. Don't go too over the top as it will become very expensive for your pocket. Tell your guests that there will be a limited amount of alcohol and so they should bring their own alcohol.

Protecting Your House

You want to do a few things to protect your house and your belongings. Here are a few tips to keep everything safe:


Lighting sets the mood. It is recommended to have dim lighting as people feel better about themselves as they are not in the spotlight.


You don't need to employ a DJ. All you need is your phone and a good speaker. You want to build a playlist that has a range of songs that will set the mood at the house party. Here are a few tips for picking the right music:

You are all set

And that's it, you are ready to have a house party. The most important point is to enjoy the party. After all it is at your house, so relax and have good time with friends and family.